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On the urge of another pandemic soon?

The Covid 19 pandemic is not over yet, but are we on the urge to welcome another pandemic ? after battling Covid 19, parts of Gujarat are now facing increasing cases of dengue, chikungunya, and malaria cases in the state have shot up by 110 percent from January 20 to September 4.

Ahmedabad municipal health department data reveals that last year, from January 20 to September 4, the city had reported 255 dengue cases, while the figure this year for the same period stands at 684. chikungunya cases, meanwhile, stood at 196 last year during this period for this year are 412.

dengue cases in the first nine months of this year have jumped by 58.3 percent as compared to the last year’s figure. waterborne diseases also have spiked in this period, the AMC figures show. a total of 64 cases of cholera have been registered in the city from January 21 to September 4, whereas there were no cholera cases last year.

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