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Finndit – A start-up aiming at digitizing small and medium businesses

The importance of digitizing modern business can’t be stressed enough. In the marketplace of millennials, any business or company needs to have a digital identity. It is a way to validate your presence and prove your competence, of sorts. Almost all millennials are likely to search online for any new product, service, or company they come across to determine the credentials of the business. Also, if they have a certain requirement or query, they will immediately refer to the internet for accurate results and support. Finndit is the fastest-growing business search engine in India. It provides a great alternative platform to the traditional search engines by offering enhanced user experience and additional end-to-end marketing tools.


Need for Digitisation

The pandemic has led the way for modern businesses to experience a unique operating structure digitally. The online or remote working scenarios have shot up exponentially and the companies have realized that a similar amount of work could be extracted even if the employees are working from home when compared to working in the office. More importantly, the companies are able to save a lot of expenses in the form of operational costs, overheads, infrastructural requirements, etc. People working from home also enjoy a healthy work-life balance by staying in touch with their families and working at the same time. Hence, by running a successful experiment for almost a year now, most of the companies have started adopting the work from the home approach as a norm. This also means that the target audiences and the marketplace have also shifted online. If you are looking to acquire new customers, your products need to be visible online to grab hold of the potential customers. Small and medium businesses could grow rapidly if they advertise and list their businesses on professional search engines like Finndit.

Features of Finndit

The other advantages of Finndit are the additional tools it offers to enhance the presence of your business online. These include customized services like a mini-website, digital flyers, brochures, photoshoots, video shoots, etc. All these could combine to be effective strategies to ensure that all the digital marketing and PR aspects of your business are taken care of. This is the advantage of listing your business or company on Finndit in comparison to all the traditional rivals. That is also the reason why Finndit already has over 2.5 lakh of business listings on its platform. All these businesses take advantage of the conducive environment of Finndit and make use of the services to expand the growth of their companies exponentially. The most attractive proposition for small and medium companies to hire Finndit is the fact that all the aforementioned services are offered at quite attractive prices. This is relevant because the new or small businesses don’t have too much spare cash flowing around. Hence, they can’t hire big digital marketing firms because they charge a fortune. But Finndit resolves this issue by offering a ton of more service at reasonable prices to nurture the overall growth of your business. It is, in essence, a one-stop shop to improve the visibility and online presence of your company.

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