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Motorcycle Escapades – Women only Road Trips in India

Motorcycle Escapades – Women only Road Trips in India

‘Road Trips!’ Excited after hearing this word? Wait, it is pretty much normal. We all have been planning to steal a vacation and go on an adventure Road Trip to an exotic location with like-minded travelers. A new trend that is very common among young solo women travel enthusiasts is going on Road Trips.

Aiming to fulfill people’s long dreams, ‘Motorcycle Escapades’ is here to take off all the worries related to Women only Road Trips in India. A Bengaluru-based Adventure travel start-up, ‘Motorcycle Escapades’ is what we all have been waiting for. The company since its inception has been successful in providing the best, comfortable adventurous tours.

Motorcycle Escapades
Motorcycle Escapades

Incepted by Deepak Chandrasekhar, who also happens to be the CEO of the company, ‘Motorcycle Escapades’ aims to organize affordable motorcycle tours across India, Bhutan, Vietnam, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Tibet as well as other countries located in Asia. Now the company is coming up with the first of its travel concept which is developed basically for Female travelers who want to travel by like-minded female groups.

The main objective of the company is to arrange a distinctive adventure travel experience by providing its customers with high-quality Road Trips across the Himalayas and other parts of India and a hassle-free holiday. The company not only provides its services in India but across various countries. Motorcycle Escapades ensure quality by providing premium logistics and all required ground support.

The traveler has the flexibility to choose a destination according to their preferred choice. They have a team of experienced people working for them who coordinates and handle all the issues and technicalities related to the Women only Road Trips in India, if any arises, making sure that the client experiences a hassle-free journey.

To begin with, Company has launched its Women Only Road Trip to Ladakh for the 2022 season, they have trips starting from Delhi, Leh, and Srinagar. They can even choose road trips ranging from 5 days to 12 days according to their schedule. Founded by a visionary Entrepreneur “Deepak Chandrashekar” who got a decade of experience in handling such road trips across the globe and taking hundreds of people on an exotic Motorcycle Vacation.

Speaking about his venture, he added “After covid 19, we are experiencing a significant increase in the adventure road trip segment, where a young educated woman of India has started to take an adventure road trip with their friends and like-minded groups. We understand the problem statement, not everyone likes to travel on Motorcycles, so we have provided an option for SUVs and other cars.

Deepak says that the company website is updated with all the details of the Women only Road trip. Prices are mentioned with each package and the easy-to-navigate site makes it effortless for travelers to book their preferred package. The company, according to sources, is expected to announce more such offers in the coming days.


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