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Is Modi became that big name for Punjab?

Top state leader Narendra Modi was stuck on a flyover during his Punjab visit on Wednesday-a slip by the Center has accused on Punjab government and looked for a report.
“Around 30 km from National Martyrs Memorial in Hussainiwala, when the PM’s guard arrived at a flyover, it was observed that the street was obstructed by some protestors. The PM was stuck on a flyover for 15-20 minutes. This was a significant slip by in the security of PM,” the MHA said.

Government sources in Delhi said just Punjab Police knew the specific course to be taken by the PM’s motorcade, and alluded to a complicity with dissenters.

Helpless climate conditions constrained an adjustment of plan, and it was concluded that the PM would head out to the National Marytrs Memorial through street an excursion of north of two hours. The caravan continued on the excursion solely after affirmation of fundamental security plans by the DGP Punjab, the MHA said.
It further said that the Punjab government didn’t convey extra security as an alternate course of action to get any development by street. After this, the PM’s guard went to Bathinda air terminal.

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MHA said it is taking cognizance of this genuine security pass has looked for an itemized report from the state government. It has additionally been approached to fix liability regarding this pass and make a severe move.
“What was seen on the flyover was an astounding scene of intrigue between Punjab police thus called protestors. Just Punjab police knew the exact course of the PM. Never has such police conduct been seen. This is the single greatest pass in the security of any Indian PM lately,” government sources said.
PM’s meeting in Ferozepur was dropped today. The MHA pinned the crossing out on helpless climate conditions.
Association wellbeing clergyman Mansukh Mandaviya, who was available on the dais, declared the undoing, ascribing it to “a few reasons.”

BJP president JP Nadda erupted at the Punjab government for the security pass during the PM’s visit. He blamed the Channi government for disturbing the send off of advancement work worth a great many crores in the state.
“Dreading a reverberating loss because of the electorate, the Congress Government in Punjab attempted all potential stunts to abandon PM’s projects in the state,” Nadda said on Twitter.
Nadda blamed the Punjab government for giving dissenters admittance to the Prime Minister’s course even as the Punjab boss secretary and DGP gave confirmations to SPG that the course is clear.

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