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Russian President Vladimir Putin announces ‘military procedure’ on Ukraine; Air India flight gets back to Delhi

Russian President Vladimir Putin announces ‘military procedure’ on Ukraine; Air India flight gets back to Delhi

Hindumetro/New Delhi: Russian President Vladimir Putin conveyed a huge shock worldwide on Thursday morning as he proclaimed battle on Ukraine following quite a while of rising strains. “I have settled on the choice of a tactical activity,” he said in an unexpected articulation on TV without further ado before 6 am. Putin added, “Our arrangements (of exceptional military activity) in Ukraine do exclude involving Ukrainian region. We will focus on neutralization and denazification of Ukraine.”

The Russian President additionally expressed that impedance by different countries will be met with outcomes. “Any individual who attempts to impede us, or considerably more along these lines, to make dangers for our nation and our kin, should realize that Russia’s reaction will be quick and will lead you to such results as you have up until recently never know about your set of experiences.”

Not long after Putin’s announcement, Ukraine woke up to blasts as the day’s first light in the country. A few worldwide news sources detailed blasts being heard in the Ukraine capital of Kyiv. According to reports, Russia likewise approached Ukrainian troopers to set out their arms and supported the intrusion by asserting an “annihilation” in Ukraine’s east.

In the meantime, India’s Air India flight AI1947 got back to Delhi because of NOTAM (Notice to Air Missions). The flight, conveying media staff and different specialists, couldn’t land in, Kyiv, Ukraine because of the exceptionally shaky climate. There is no clearness on whether the flight will withdraw at any point in the near future.

US President Joe Biden quickly cautioned of “outcomes” for Russia and said the world would “consider Russia responsible” for its activities.

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