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Always lived by the philosophy of YOLO : Kabir Roy in an exclusive interview.

Born and raised in Kanpur, from where he moved to Kolkata to complete his studies in Hotels and Global Business Management from IHM Kolkata and IIM-Kolkata, respectively. He is a well-established corporate professional, a hotelier at heart, and astrologer by passion and an author by choice. Since his childhood, he loves to paint, read, sing and write. YOLO describes him to the fullest. In his career journey for over 20 years (in fortune 500 companies), from a hotelier to a corporate professional, to an astrologer to an author, he has lived by the philosophy of YOLO.


Here is an exclusive interview with Kabir Roy:


Which books written by you have been published?


Books Authored – A Mindful Mind – Self Published.


What is your success mantra for budding writers, poets, and authors?


Be yourself. Read a lot. Have your own style.


What is your other profession and how does it influence your literary work?


I am a Corporate Management professional and My job helps me meet many people and understand their journeys.


What motivates you?


Keeping on Learning and Delivering new things motivates me


Share some of your major achievements?


My Journey from a Corporate Management Professional to Astrologer to Author while keeping the Chef kindled in me is my major achievement


How did you start your writing journey?


I have been writing since childhood but this time I took it up seriously to get the journey of women in the corporate world in front of everyone.


How do you react to the success you got thus far?


I am very delighted that my book is making an impact on people.


What do we expect from you in the future?


I am working on another book which I should be publishing this year

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