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Viral Video: Girls were dancing on the street, suddenly the earth broke and everyone got involved in it!

Trending Dance Video: You must have seen thousands of dance videos on social media, but you will be surprised to see the video we have brought for you today. A heart-wrenching video is becoming increasingly viral in which seven young girls can be seen dancing happily, when suddenly an accident takes place which spoils all their fun. These girls are dancing, only then they get absorbed in the ground.

In this video that is going viral on YouTube, you will see 7 ladies dancing on the road. The force of their dance falls on the ground in such a way that it bursts and everyone falls in it. Actually a sinkhole of a road opened in Brazil and all these ladies fall while dancing in it. After this terrible accident, there is complete panic. There is a noise and the effort to save them starts. You will be surprised if you watch this video.

Watch the video:

Accident During Party

Have you seen how all of them become victims of the limit while dancing. Although all of them were lucky and no one was harmed. These women were actually having a birthday party behind the house, when this accident happens. These women were having a birthday party behind the house in the northeastern city of Alagoinhas, Brazil. After falling into the pit, she got only minor scratches and no major accident was saved.

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