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Police arrested a man from Bihar who threatened Mukesh Ambani’s family

Police arrested a suspect who threatened to kill the family of Reliance Industries President Mukesh Ambani. The suspect’s cell phone was seized. On October 5, at 12:57, the number of Reliance Foundation Hospital in Mumbai received a threat from an unknown number. A man threatened to kill Mukesh Ambani and Nita Ambani.

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Also, the eyewitness warned that he would blow up the Reliance Foundation Hospital. Dr. A case has been registered at the DB Marg Police Station. Mumbai Police launched an investigation into the incident. The source of this phone call has been identified. Upon this, an investigation was made and it was determined that he came from the Darbanga district of Bihar.

Man calls Reliance Hospital in Mumbai, threatens to kill Mukesh Ambani's family

The police went there and arrested one person. His cell phone, which he called and threatened, was confiscated by the police. Rakesh Kumar, a young man from Brahmapura, a village affiliated with Manigachi Police Station in Darbanga district, noticed that he was making the call and arrested him and took him to Mumbai.

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Mumbai police were also alerted after receiving a threatening call to end Mukesh Ambani’s family. Three teams were formed to investigate the incident. They tracked where the phone came from. A team went there as they were known to come from Bihar. The suspect was taken into custody by the police at midnight. Mumbai Police said the suspect was arrested with the help of local police.

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