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Pooja Pawar- A contemplative magician with a brush!

Pooja Pawar, a self taught artist who paints the most detailed and beautiful pictures of landscapes and seascapes. Although the love for painting rooted her from a very early age. She always wanted to learn it a little by herself. She believed there is no better than the self. A strong concoction of spiritual realism and intrinsic creativity lead her to create unique paintings of landscapes.

Pooja Pawar has been using her magic with a brush since 8 years. The unwavering passion of hers, paved the way for her to connect wholly to her audience, rendering them a trace of serenity, beauty and authenticity. Pooja’s main attraction towards adventure helped her to inspire people with her art.

The sea with its changing tides and unsettling tranquility fuelled pooja’s artistic mind to venture more of her paintings for sea scape painting. Pooja’s creativity enhanced as she spent more time contemplating and appreciating the ebbs and flows of the waves.

Some paintings made by Pooja Pawar

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The sea would make her mind run down with numerous thoughts and at the same time calm her faculties with their mere existence. Pooja’s love for seascapes started to increase when she decided to experience the art of exploring, travelling and sightseeing. As a nature lover and philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson once said, “Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us, or we find it not.” Each and every place we visit has the power to influence us and subconsciously we do carry it with us.

Dwelling near the sea, witnessing its magnificence enabled Pooja to organise her thoughts. The aural mystery of the sea, its ethereal smell, deep blue colour and rocking size always made her happy and calm. This moment also led to being inspired by it. She would find most solace in painting the calm seashore and deep blue oceans.

Her painting decodes the connection between ebbs and flows of nature and seeks a real stillness in the hustle bustle of a teeming metro city. It attempts to render the audience to connect with their consciousness just as it is.

Pooja pawar currently lives in Bangalore and hold Masters in International Business. She intends to pursue Art Philosophy.

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