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Best Nutrients, Healthy and Benefits of banana in Our Body

Benefits’ of Banana in Our Body

Bananas are a tasty and convenient source of some important nutrients. People have grown this tropical fruit since ancient times, and its health benefits have been promoted for more than a century.

You can eat bananas raw or mixed in your favorite smoothie. You can enjoy your own homemade peanut butter-banana sandwich, banana bread, or banana muffins. The possibilities are plentiful.

Health Benefits of Bananas

Banana Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits

Powerful potassium:  

A medium banana gives you 422 milligrams, which is 9% of what you need every day. This mineral is a big player in heart health. Potassium-rich foods help manage your blood pressure because they help you get rid of more sodium when you pee. Potassium also relaxes the walls of your blood vessels, which helps lower your BP.

A feast of fiber: 

It’s no secret that the right amount of fiber in our diet is good for you. An average-size ripe banana gives you 3 grams of it. That’s about 10% of what you need each day.  Most of the fiber in bananas is what’s called soluble fiber. It can help keep your cholesterol and blood pressure in check, and help ease inflammation.

A happier belly:

It seems bananas are good for your tummy, too. The yellow fruit is a source of prebiotics. Those are carbs you don’t digest, but they’re a food source for the more-popular probiotics. Those are the good bacteria found in your gut.

There’s also evidence that probiotics can help with the annoying diarrhea people get after they take some antibiotics.

They can also help:

Improve yeast and urinary tract infections (UTIs)

Treat some gastrointestinal infections

The right amount of carbs:

Like all fruits, bananas have carbs. But not so many that folks with diabetes can’t enjoy them. If you have diabetes, you can enjoy half a banana when you need a snack.

Faster workout recovery:

Research suggests bananas can also help you bounce back from strenuous workouts. One study says male cyclists who had a banana before pedaling went quicker and had a faster recovery than those who just drank water.

Aids in weight loss:

Bananas are an excellent snack to steer away from hunger pangs. That must be a reason to have bananas for breakfast.

They are not only low in calories but nutritious and filling. They are also rich in fiber that slows down the digestive process of the stomach. Hence, it aids in managing weight loss.

Bananas help you to relax and sleep:

Next time you need to chill, grab a banana. The high content of vitamin B6 in bananas helps you sleep better. Bananas also contain tryptophan and magnesium which have sleep-inducing properties, also known as natural sedatives.

Serves as an excellent workout food:

You most probably know that the entire fitness community speaks highly of bananas. It is not without reason. Having just one banana before exercising will give you sufficient energy for the same. Also, some research says that the benefits of bananas help to relieve post-workout soreness and cramps.

Bananas are also ideal as a post-workout food because it is loaded with carbohydrate and it converts to sugar inducing natural digestion. It also contains potassium that promotes muscle growth.

Banana contains antioxidants:

Bananas are a good source of antioxidants in the form of natural flavonoids. They not only reduce inflammations but also protect your body from free radical damage. The presence of bananas reduces the risk of heart diseases and certain types of cancers.

Banana Stages Chart – Do It And How


The Different Stages of a Banana

Green banana:

Green Bananas – J&C Tropicals

Raw bananas are green. They also go by the name of plantain or cooking bananas. Low in sugar and full of resistant starch, these bananas are perfect if you need to watch your diet. Also, they promote good bacteria in the gut. However, the taste may be slightly bitter.

Yellow banana:

Banana ljekovitost, 9 boljki koje će banane ukloniti bolje od bilo koje tab...

Recently ripened bananas are yellow with no spots on them. They are the most appealing to the eye. Sweeter in taste, most of the banana starch converts to sugar. Moreover, these bananas are easier to digest and snack on. When compared to green bananas, the amount of antioxidants is higher here.

Spotted banana:

produce, vegetable, yellow, banana, healthy, close, bananas, fruits, macro ...

This stage of the banana has many brown spots all over the skin. Every spot showcases the starch to sugar conversion. Therefore, a banana with many spots will have a very sweet taste. As the banana ages, the antioxidants also keep increasing. So, these bananas are rich in antioxidant properties and the health benefits of banana increases .

Brown banana:

fruit, ripe, horn, food, produce, vegetable, brown, banana, fruits, floweri...

At this stage, many people tend to throw away the banana. It is because they may feel the brown colour to be unappetising to eat. Interestingly, it is these bananas that are a powerhouse of antioxidants. They are also the best for making bread and pancakes as they are easy to mush and require less refined sugar. While with the numerous benefits of banana, diabetic patients should steer clear of this type owing to its high sugar content.

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