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Health Tips : Anyone can have arthritis, such messy habits increase the risk ahead of time, be careful

Arthritis is a serious problem of joint pain and inflammation, the cases of which are increasing year after year in India. Arthritis is also known as gout. Arthritis is commonly known as a problem with aging, although the risk of this problem is now being seen to increase in younger people too. This is the reason That health experts advise all people to keep taking those measures so that the risk of this serious disease can be reduced. The problem of arthritis causes severe pain, swelling and stiffness in the joints, due to which it becomes very difficult for people to walk and climb stairs.

जोड़ों में दर्द होने के कारण

Increased risk of arthritis due to physical inactivity

Not exercising or the habit of sitting for long hours in the office can increase the risk of arthritis in you. Due to physical inactivity, the muscles of the joints begin to harden, which further increases the risk of arthritis. Health experts say that even if you are not able to go to the gym regularly, you can reduce the risk of arthritis by increasing physical activity through even mild levels of exercise such as cycling, walking and swimming.

गठिया की समस्या होने के कारण

Carry a heavy load on one’s back

Carrying a heavy load on your back, whether it’s a backpack or an office bag, can put a lot of stress on your neck, shoulders and back. When you lift heavy weights, it affects your balance and even the way you walk. The result is that there is more pressure on the muscles and joints on that side of the body. This condition aggravates the problem of tension for those muscles, which can lead to joint pain and swelling, avoid such habits.

धुम्रपान से कई प्रकार के रोगों का खतरा

Increased risk due to smoking and tobacco

Tobacco products not only increase the risk of lung and heart diseases, but can also lead to joint pain and inflammation. Studies have found that nicotine from smoking reduces blood flow to your spinal cord, tissues, and discs. Nicotine also reduces the absorption of calcium. Cigarette smoking hinders the formation of new bone tissue, which weakens the bones. Quitting the habit of smoking can help reduce the risk of arthritis problems.

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