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The Reality of Being A Professional Photographer, According To Pedram Shakouri

A good-quality camera and a knack for photography – Is it all you really need to become a photographer? Is it a smooth road down the hill like everyone assumes it is? Photography is a major career crush of people these days. Mainly because they only see the brighter side of the story on the internet.

A simple job description isn’t always adequate. What a typical day on the job would be like, how much labor is involved, what kind of training is required, or even the salary range is not anything that a job description can convey.


In today’s article, Pedram Shakouri, the artist behind the Swarovski, Daniel Wellington and many other campaigns, shares his experience as a professional photographer and videographer.

What do you do for a living?
My profession is photography. Within that broad category, I specialize in creating my signature portraits. Basically, it is my biggest highlight in which I show the beauty and emotions of work with essentially black, white and red colors. In my artwork, I put a strong emphasis on revealing inner thoughts and feelings through the use of appropriate timing, body language, and facial expressions.

What hardships do photographers face but rarely hear about?
The first days of editing the images are the hardships that no one sees, but they are the result of tremendous effort and dedication to turning the ideas and sentiments into visual art.

What aspect of this area of work do you find most enjoyable? Your least preferred? Why?
I enjoy expressing my ideas, thinking through my work, and being myself. However, I am not a big fan of editing. I prefer to keep my photos and movies as natural and unaltered as possible.

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