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40 students get beaten up in a school in Haryana, 10 hospitalized

40 students get beaten up with a stick in a school in Haryana, 10 get hospitalized.

On Monday, a police complaint has been filed against the authorities of a government school in the Tohana area of Haryana’s Fatehabad district after at least 40 students were allegedly beaten with sticks by some teachers. ten students were admitted to the hospital after they sustained serious injuries.

According to the reports, the incident took place at 11 am on Monday after a class 11 student allegedly whistled inside the class. when the teachers asked about the student who whistled, no one responded. Then they beat up all the 40 students of the class with sticks.

A joint complaint has been filed by the parents of some students, three teachers Mange Ram, Rajni, and Charanjit Singh trashed the students. the complaint was also alleged that Charanjit Singh used casteist slurs against two scheduled caste students. the complaint further alleged that Charanjit Singh threatened the students that he would rusticate them if they told their parents about the incident. he also allegedly threatened to ruin their future by fabricating them in the case of molestation against a female teacher.

the parents appealed to the police to take the strictest action against the teachers.



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