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A Haryana doctor’s video got viral in which he is seen consuming cow dung

A video has been gone viral in which a doctor from Haryana can be seen consuming cow dung and tells others to do the same by enlisting the benefits of cow dung. The doctor presenting the video has been identified as Manoj Mittal and is an MBBS MD, according to his Twitter account. He is a paediatrician from Karnal that is in Haryana. In the clip, he can be seen enlisting out the Advantages of having dung as well and suggests the views to do the same.

In the video, he was seen in a cow shelter and was talking and enlisting about the “Panchgravya” or the five elements that can be obtained from cows. He then picked up the cow dung and ate it while informing that his mother always used to take it during the fasts. he also said that dung has the ability to cleanse the mind and the soul and, once it enters the system, it purifies the body as well. the news was first posted by the viral Haryana, which is a news website and then made its way all over social media.



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