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A Pakistan man kills 7 family members after this act

In an extremely unpleasant case of honour killing, a man in Pakistan alleged burnt alive seven member’s of his own family, including his two daughter’s and four grandchildren, because one of the women carried against his wishes.

as per the reports, Manzoor Hussain set on fire a house in Muzaffargarh district of Pakistan’s Punjab province, where his daughters fauzia bibi and Khurshid mai were living with their families. bibi, her infant son, mai and her husband and their four minor children died in the blaze.

bibi’s husband Mehboob Ahmad, the only survivor of the arson attack, lodged a police complaint against father-in-law Manzoor Hussain and his son Sabir Hussain.

“I was in Multan for business. when I returned and was near m home, I saw it in flames. two men, Manzoor Hussain and Sabir Hussain were seen fleeing the spot,” Mehboob Ahmad told the police.



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