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Agra doctor revives new born via Mouth-to-Mouth for 7 mins

When a woman becomes a doctor, her appearance becomes like Surekha Chaudhary of Agra seen in the video. This lady doctor laid down her life to save the life of a newborn girl. Eventually the spirit of this lady doctor won and she dragged the girl from the mouth of death. If Dr. Surekha Choudhary had not tried from her side, the girl’s life could have been lost.

Doctor Surekha Chaudhary is a Pediatrician i.e. Child Specialist. According to the reports, this video is from March 2022, but these days it is becoming increasingly viral on social media. It can be seen in this video that Doctor Surekha Chaudhary is carrying a child in her lap and is filling her breath through his mouth.

Doctor gives mouth to mouth respiration to stillborn, saves life

She is continuously giving breath to the girl through mouth to mouth respiration. After a while it is seen that the girl is completely fine and is smiling. In this way, this lady doctor has given a new life to an innocent by her wisdom.

This video has been shared by Agra policeman Sachin Kaushik on his Twitter account. Sachin has written that “The baby girl was born but there was no movement in the body. Oxygen support was given to the girl first, but when that did not help, then gave ‘mouth to mouth respiration’ for about 7 minutes, the baby breathed ”

Surekha Chaudhary has done more than her duty and has told why doctors are the form of God for people. Everyone does their work in this world, but there are only a few people who give their lives in their work… like this lady doctor.


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