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As Afghanistan crisis deteriorates; India prepares for evacuation.

Its been a week of armed conquest in Afghanistan, after the president Ashraf Ghani left the country and sought asylum to Tajikistan . the Taliban has taken control over kabul soon after the president left the country. Sources have told that the Taliban will soon declare Afghanistan as the ‘Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan’ from the presidential palace. whereas, the UN security council on Monday will hold a meeting based on the current issue in Afghanistan.

Taliban’s official spoke person zabihullah tweeted ,”Kabul is under the control of the city, special units of the Islamic Emirate have been deployed in different parts of the city to provide security. The general public is happy with the arrival of the Mujahideen and satisfied with the security.”

As Afghanistan crisis deteriorates; India prepares for evacuation. 2 Hindumetro

many countries have ordered their officials to temporarily close their embassy in Afghanistan. Saudi Arabia has evacuated all its diplomats from its embassy, whereas New Zealand’s government is sending a plane to help its people leave the country.  Saudi Arabia said all staff were evacuated from the embassy in Kabul on Sunday due to the changing conditions on the ground, joining other countries that have also shuttered their embassies as the Taliban advance on the Afghan capital.

afghanistan Hindumetro
As Afghanistan crisis deteriorates; India prepares for evacuation. 3 Hindumetro

A security advisory issued by the Indian embassy in Kabul called on Indians to make travel arrangements before Commercial air services are discontinued, and had also asked the indian firms operating in Afghanistan to immediately withdraw Indian employees from project sites before air services gets affected. All India-based officials and security personnel from the Indian consulate in Mazar-e-sharif and a small number of Indian nationals living in and around Afghanistan’s fourth-largest city were to be evacuated in a special flight late on tuesday.




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