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Aulerth Launches the ‘NUMISMA’ Collection Designed by Shivan & Narresh “An insignia of modern classics.”

Aulerth partners with designer duo Shivan & Narresh, for the first time, to launch an exclusive jewelry line called ‘Numisma’ – that encompasses the contemporary wardrobe of luxury holiday connoisseurs.

Numisma’ is a Latin word that indicates the practice of collecting coins, setting a monetary system… Nostalgically, the designer duo’s inspiration for this collection goes back to a comforting childhood memory of how their mothers used to make their jewelry with gold coins as pendants or necklaces. Historically, in India, there has always been a strong inclination toward collecting coins. And this romantic fascination was the starting point for Shivan & Narresh’s jewelry line for Aulerth.

Numisma’ is a captivatingly versatile jewelry collection. While the pieces are very contemporary, the roots are intrinsically Indian in their inspiration. Every piece will seamlessly blend with western staples for a cocktail night or a fun destination wedding celebration. The collection is bold, and contemporary and will instantly make heads turn.

Speaking about conceptualizing this bold and decadent jewelry line for AulerthShivan Bhatiya and Narresh Kukreja said, “The idea originates back to the Colonial era when the British came to India; they went to the Deccan Plateau to purchase spices and commodities from local villages and paid back in gold coins as a form of currency. When they returned to these markets afterward, they saw that these coins were being turned into jewelry as Indians were extremely wealthy and did not see the need to store coins. For us, this crossover of western design with an adaptation of eastern philosophy to wear jewelry is how we see this collection. And, our partnership with Aulerth allowed us to think freely, and that became the biggest reason for a smooth transition and translation of our designs into beautiful jewelry for the ‘Numisma’ line.”

On the launch of this collection, Mr. Vivek RamabhadranFounder & CEO of Aulerth said, “We are thrilled to announce Aulerth’s latest partnership with Shivan & Narresh. Our first collection with them titled ‘Numisma’ is bold, chic, vibrant, and statement in classic Shivan and Narresh’s signature style while being meticulous in its engineering and craftsmanship, which is Aulerth’s hallmark. The collection has received an extremely positive response already in its pre-launch phase.”

About Aulerth

Aulerth is India’s first design house for jewelry that’s couture-inspired and consciously made. It is an inspired way of thinking and living that’s high on design, craftsmanship, and intelligently mindful of minimizing its environmental footprint. Our goal is to significantly reduce the destructive carbon footprint behind the jewelry industry – which we believe can happen in the following ways:

  • Using materials in the product creation that doesn’t leave a jewelry mining footprint
  • Ensure the product lives for the longest possible duration, and ensure maximum usage during its lifetime – even if it changes many hands
  • Replacing a large portion of the jewelry worn where gold jewelry is worn the most – on special occasions

Founded in 2021, and based in India, Aulerth partners with leading Indian designers and builds high-fashion designer jewelry with a lifetime service proposition, meticulously designed and crafted, that is an environmentally responsible alternative to jewelry made with gold, diamonds, and other mined stones.


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