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Corona again increased tension, more than 5000 new cases in 24 hours

The cases of coronavirus in the country have once again started increasing rapidly. According to the latest data from the Ministry of Health, a record 5,335 new cases of Covid19 have been reported in the last 24 hours. On the other hand, if we talk about active cases, then its number has also increased to 25,587. After a long time, more than 5000 corona cases have been found in the country in a single day.

4435 cases came last day

A continuous increase is being seen in the cases of corona for the last few days. On Wednesday also 4435 new cases of corona were reported, due to which there was a big jump in active cases. Due to the increase in corona cases, the number of patients has also increased in the hospitals of many states.

Lack of Kovid vaccine became a concern

With the increase in the cases of coronavirus in the country, the demand for corona vaccine has also increased. Meanwhile, the shortage of corona vaccine has become a matter of concern in many states. Vaccine is not available in government hospitals in many states including UP, Bengal and is available only in private hospitals. Due to this only 152 people got vaccinated in UP on Wednesday.

Vaccine shortage in many states

Vaccine shortage is not only in one or two states. The shortage of vaccines is also being seen in Himachal, Jammu, Punjab and Bihar. In Himachal, where there is no vaccine in government hospitals, vigilance dose is not available in Jammu.

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