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Elon Musk shared ‘Twitter’s grave’, trended RIP Twitter: hundreds resigned after the ultimatum, 3700 have been removed themselves

It is being told that the employees are very angry about the large-scale changes being made in the company and the ‘hardcore work’. Hundreds of employees have voluntarily resigned from the company after Musk gave an ultimatum of increasing working hours and ‘hardcore work’.


Ever since the command of Twitter has come in the hands of Elon Musk, it remains in the discussion everyday for one reason or the other. #RIPTwitter is trending on Twitter amidst the resignation of hundreds of employees. A lot of memes are being shared with this. Musk himself has shared a meme, in which you can see Twitter’s grave.

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All this is happening when the news of hundreds of Twitter employees leaving their jobs has come to the fore. It is being told that the employees are very angry about the large-scale changes being made in the company and the ‘hardcore work’. Reports are claiming that hundreds of employees have resigned from the company on their own after Musk extended the working hours and gave an ultimatum of ‘hardcore work’.

These employees have resigned en masse at a time when Musk is already facing criticism for large-scale layoffs and other changes in the company.

After buying Twitter for $ 44 billion (Rs 362461220000) on 27 October 2022, Musk has fired 3700 former employees including senior management. Musk was the first to leave Indian-origin CEO Parag Agrawal, including CFO Ned Segal and Legal Affairs-Policy Head Vijaya Gadde. And he was also thrown out of the company headquarters. After this he had tweeted – The bird is freed.

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It is being told that on Wednesday (16 November 2022), Elon Musk gave an ultimatum to the employees via email. In this, the company’s new owner told employees about the creation of Twitter 2.0, “We need to be very fanatical to make Twitter successful.” Along with this, long working hours were also mentioned. The employees looked very angry with this email.

Elon Musk gave the employees the option to leave the company by Thursday (17 November 2022). He said that it is up to you to decide whether you want to work longer or not. If you do not want to work here, then you will be given the salary for the next three months.

Let us inform that even before this many employees had resigned on their own. Last week Bloomberg News published a report. According to this, people’s trust in Twitter has decreased. Musk had told the company’s employees that he could not rule out Twitter’s bankruptcy. He also told the employees that they would have to be ready to work for 80 hours a week. Apart from this, they have also ended the flexibility of working in the Corona period, in which employees were allowed to work from home. According to a person with knowledge of the matter, Elon Musk said, “If you do not want to come, your resignation will be accepted. We all need to work harder.”

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