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About The Author:

 Ravi O Nandrajog is the First Indian Author to write a book on Car Audio. Ravi O Nandrajog is the founder and owner of Motor sounds – Car Audio Customs and the Author of the book “Motor sounds Car Audio Simplified”. With almost 30 years of experience in the Car Audio industry, he has penned down all his learning from his experiences in a nutshell. Coming from a core engineering background he pursued his passion for automobiles and music which eventually turned into his profession. For years he had a dream, how to train enthusiasts in-car audio installations and design. The data says there are thousands of people who want to upgrade and educate themselves on this topic. He has met a lot of people doing good in-car audio but there is always a scope of self upgrading. There are a lot of people interested in doing up car audio as a business but are somehow stuck up on technicalities. Also, this book helps the reader to stay ahead in their competition. Mr. Ravi always says “Raise your knowledge bar”.

 Why Motor sounds Car Audio Simplified?

 Motor sounds Car Audio Simplified (henceforth referred as MCAS) is a beginner to advanced guide on car audio, which starts from the very basics of car audio like circuits, audio accessories required. To cover the details of an amplifier, its tuning, head units, frequencies, octaves, woofers, woofer box & calculations. Mentioning finer points required in installing the products in a car, fine-tuning by a DSP(Digital Signal Processor), what are the dos and don’ts of installation. What are the different types of head units, amplifiers, woofer boxes, fundamentals of resonance, and every small detail that makes an audio installation complete and clean? These fundamentals are explained in such a simple and efficient manner that even a high school pass out and an audio industry expert can read, learn and implement those concepts. Thus, the word Car Audio is Simplified.

 How to make the best use of this Book?

 MCAS is an extremely informative and well-explained book published for new graduates to audio industry experts who need to hone their skills. This book according to Mr. Ravi can be used to its maximum potential by proofreading – understanding the text written and then performing a hands-on with the chapter and/ or part of the book you have just finished reading. Like if you study tools, and fuses in the book make sure to grab those tools and at least have an idea about what the tool looks like in real life and how and when it can be put to the best use. This will make the concepts of this book sync in your head and will make it seal-proof. No doubts will remain in your mind and which will be the best utilization of this book. If you have any troubles and inquiries always contact Mr. Ravi on the email provided in the book.

 Where to find the book?

 This question was being asked by many individuals when the book was released in the form of an eBook as they wanted to have a copy (hard-copy) of the book. This problem was solved by Mr. Ravi O Nandrajog when he released his paperback copy of the book on amazon. and 7 different marketplaces as well. The book is an Amazon exclusive and is also available with the publishing house i.e. Cleverfox. If you want to grab a retail copy, drop it off at a nearby Motor sounds Franchise to collect the copy and start excelling in the audio industry.

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