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Facebook will crack down on fake accounts, this way security will be ensured with paid service

Facebook update: IDs with blue badges will also be visible in Meta’s popular social media platform Facebook. Yes, just like the social media handle Twitter, now verified accounts on Facebook can also be identified through blue badges. However, for this facility the user has to pay a subscription fee.

It should be known that till now there is no tool of any kind to identify fake account on Facebook. Facebook is also free to use. In this case, this facility related to account security will be paid.

Meta’s new service is starting in Australia and New Zealand this week

According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, the new service on Facebook is starting this week itself. However, this service will start only in Australia and New Zealand in the initial phase. After this, the service will also be brought to Indian users.

Users will be able to take blue badge like this

The Blue Badge service on Facebook will be similar to Twitter. Here the user will be able to get the blue badge by getting his account verified through the government ID. However, after verification by Facebook, the user will not be able to change his profile, username, date of birth and photo. This will require verification.

Fees will be charged for the subscription plan

In Meta’s subscription plan, users will be charged $11.99 per month for the web service. Whereas, for Apple iOS the same fee will be $14.99. It is known that only users above 18 years of age can create ID on Facebook.

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