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Fanta Maggie, have you tried this food fusion yet?

Experiments with food have always been in trend for the roadside vendors. Their food fusion has let the food lovers or foodies become enthusiasts, food bloggers. each one of us for once has tried such combination of food that for once has made our mouth-watering.

Fusions from Oreo pakodas to Fanta omelet, we all have witnessed street-side vendors prepare dishes using some bizarre combination of ingredients. now, a roadside vendor from Ghaziabad came up with yet another food fusion which will definitely blow your mind… well let me name that dish, it’s Fanta Maggie. A street-side eatery is selling maggie made with Fanta and food blogger Amar Sirohi tried this weird fusion and shared a video on his youtube channel and Instagram.

Amar Sirohi from Food Incarnate visited the street side eatery to try Fanta maggie. First, the vendor fried some vegetables and then poured some Fanta into the pan. Then he crushed and added maggie along with some masalas. He finished it off with a dab of lime juice and some chaat masala. firstly I felt so conscious when it came to trying this bizarre dish. however, his reaction was not what you would expect it to be. He actually liked Fanta Maggi.”Mai hairaan hoon ki iska taste itna accha kaise aa saktah hain” Amar Sirohi says in the video.

Fanta Maggi is priced at Rs.30 and extra charges for the soft drink. the vendor said he has been selling the dish for close to 5-6 months.




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