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Father kills his son, wife and girlfriend supports to hide crime

A man in benglauru allegedly killed his 10-year-old son and took the help if his wife and girlfriend to dump the body and hide the crime , police officials said.

The man who killed his son was named as sunil kumar a 30 -year-old man who lived in gurappanapalya, area of Bengaluru. all three of them lives in the same reigon of tamil nadu.He killed his son in the presence of his girlfriend on february 7th. his wife and girlfriend then helped him to dispose the body in a tamil nadu forest. the times of india reported.

to conceal the crime and mislead the police, the accused sunil kumar filed a missing complaimt with the police on august 26 saying that his son could not be fould after he went to a friend’s house on february 7. however ,this made the police suspecious as they wondered why he waited for six months to file a missing complaint?

“We were shocked to hear from sunil kumar that his son went missing in february, and he was filing the complaint in August. we immediately suspected him and feltr there was foul play involved as no parent would wait for six months to complaint about his/her missing child ,” an investigating officer told the times of India.

sources have told that sunil kumar worked in differnt private companies while his 26-year-old wife was employed with a garment factory along with the man’s girlfriend.

when the police started the investigation after the missing complaint, the man’s extramarital affair came to light. during the Investigation, kumar also made contradictory statements about where his son went before he went ‘missing’.

“kumar’s friend claimed he was innocent and never visited his house. we then interrogated kumar and his girlfriend and they spilled the beans about the murder,” the police officials told the national daily.

“the man’s wife has been objecting to his affair. on that night,kumar’s son is said to have spoken something which angered kumar. in a fit of range, of killed him as his girlfriend watched”, police said.




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