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Government policies & infra development will help India’s refurbish business segment: Rocking Deals

New Delhi: On April 28, 2018* the centre declared that all inhabited census villages have been electrified. With electricity reaching 6 lakh villages in India and the rural income showing signs of revival post the pandemic, there has been an increase in the discretionary spending of rural households leading to significant increase in demand for household appliances. With higher internet penetration and increased use of computer/laptop for education the demand for refurbished computer, laptop and computer devices has witnessed a sharp increase across socio-economic classes. On back of this Rocking deals, World’s largest brand for unboxed & excess inventory products has witnessed an overwhelming demand for its products.
Rocking deals, India’s most authentic one-stop solution for all unboxed, returns excess inventory, and refurbished inventory is on a massive expansion spree. The firm is expanding its footprint in India and has opened offline 12 stores in the last 8 months taking the total store tally to 40. In order to increase its penetration in India the firm has focused on opening stores in various Tier II and Tier III towns across North, South and North East India. Along with a very strong online presence the Company aims to create a robust offline presence and enhance the customer’s buying experience. The firm hence is aiming to open 2 offline stores every month taking its total store tally to over 150 in the next 18 months and aims to revolutionise shopping for millions of customers worldwide, by offering most exclusive prices for the branded goods.
Yuvraj Aman Singh, Founder and CEO of Rocking Deals states that, “With PM’s various policy initiatives and infrastructure we envisage that the sector is poised to transform into an ocean of opportunities. We have cemented our position as the world’s leading excess inventory brand. We aim to strengthen our market leadership and offer superior shopping experience to our customers via our ever- expanding fleet of offline stores.”
Rocking deals is plans to aggressively increase its top-line with additional stores and aims to garner INR 75 cr in revenue in FY23. The brand is today the world’s biggest excess inventory brand, with a strong presence across every corner of the country, and has sold over 20 million items across the globe.
Founded in 2005 by Yuvraj Aman Singh, Founder and CEO. Rocking Deals is the world’s largest marketplace in the category of open box and excess inventory items. With a comprehensive quality-check procedure, experienced product expertise, and unrivalled customer care, Rocking Deal is fast becoming the safest and most trustworthy destination to buy certified refurbished items offering goods at deep discounts, providing the customer with purchasing power. Rocking Deals pioneered the concept of Seconds and has sold over 20 million pieces in the form of unboxed, excess inventory, and pre-owned items from more than 18 primary categories and well-known brands to end-users across 27 countries. The company is present across the length and breadth of India including the remote hinterlands.

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