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Health Veda Organics expands its portfolio with the new product Multivitamin Tablets With Probiotics

Indore: Health Veda Organics recently expanded its huge range of powerful supplements with the much-needed and beneficial Multivitamin Tablets with Probiotics. The supplement helps to boost the immune system and strengthens antioxidant capacities that are the need for the hour, keeping the unpredictable nature of budding viruses. The herbs, vitamins, and minerals present in these multivitamin tablets help to strengthen your immune system which helps in counter-attacking any alien disease. It also takes care of our nervous systems and also improves vision. It is a healthy option for both men and women because it is made up of all-natural ingredients.


The founder of Health Veda Organics, Abhishek Sharma talked about its newest launch, “We started Health Veda Organics as there was a widespread misconception that supplements solely contain non-vegetarian ingredients. We noticed the reduced popularity of these supplements in nations like India and took it upon ourselves to undergo rigorous research. We launched plant-based vegan products with natural remedies for health and wellness that have no side effects”.

Health Veda Organics

He further added, “Now that our supplements have gained a positive response from our forever expanding customer aggregate, we have launched a highly essential supplement that caters to a world of health issues. Hence, our customers will reap great benefits from it.  With the new release, our product range has also expanded. Therefore, we are looking forward to a good response that we have managed to attain with our past releases”.


Health Veda Organics is also focused on its future that will help impact health downright. It also plans to focus on its Southern India operations as well.

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