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I started with hope and rest everything followed, Lokesh Meena.

The Dedication from the people working and helping in the pandemic, Risking their lives was on a positive note in India. Many Social activists came forward to help people during this difficult time. One of them we today talk about is Lokesh Meena.

Lokesh Meena born in Jaipur is the son of Shree Phoola Ram Meena and Janki Devi. He comes from a very influential family and came into the limelight for his works during the pandemic. Lokesh Meena belongs to Jaipur and has always been known for his social works. During the pandemic, he helped the people of Nayinath village and the nearby villages in Jaipur. Be it the basic need or something specific Lokesh Meena has come forward for all.

Lokesh owns two petrol pumps, Which during the pandemic were made as a shelter for the needful and those leaving for their Home for nearby villages. There he used to provide food and essential resources to the people. Apart from this, he has also known for providing fodder for the local cows and other animals.

His works inspire us, Let’s hear it from the Lokesh Himself.
“I remember the date, it was 25 March initially when the lockdown was announced. But as soon as it started extending, It started creating panic among the people. I’ve seen people coming out with the hope to reach their homes with low or no resources. Also, All the offices, Sites, and Works were stopped which eventually impacted the poor section of the society. I then started with a hope to help them in any means and rest everything followed.”

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