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India’s Best Option for Options Learning & Trading

SMT (Stock Market Today) works with a mission to provide unbiased and honest opinion on various investment avenues, especially empowering those who lack any financial understanding.

Stock Market Today (SMT SEBI Registered Research Analyst’s Channel owned by highly qualified NISM Certified and SEBI Registered Research Analyst Team. We are also NSE authorized.

How we work?

We at SMT, trust both fundamental analysis and technical analysis and of course we keep Price action above all. When it comes to Investing, we use fundamental analysis to determine what to buy and implement technical analysis when to buy and sell.

And specially when it comes to Trading – (which is like a business only) we majorly use the smart combination of technical and Price actions.

Unlike Trading in Share/Stock/Equity/Cash, the Futures & Options (F&O) are different and more volatile. And just because of it volatility only it has esteem potential to make anyone Rich to Rag and Rag to Rich, therefore it should be traded with more cautious as it has an expiry date and deployed money in may get zero at the Expiry if doesn’t went to your direction.

At SMT (Stock Market Today) ,we are specialized futures and options segment along with Equity.
We have maintained up 85% of accuracy in last 2 years and our trades (Equity/ Banknifty/Nifty) are given only after a required research and price action confirmations.

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SMT (Stok Market Today), is technical research analysis channel created to provide unbiased stock/share and in derivatives market technical trading tips or trading signals (buy/sell) with the aim of protecting the innocent traders who invest their hard-earned money in the rich man’s game, i.e. stock market, without any basic knowledge and not knowing the nuances of stock market game, especially in the area of option trading.

SMT brings out the trust worthy friend of Investing, for all category of Investor, whether he is retail investor, investing with just small capital of Rs. 500/-, or an HNI investing Millions. We believe in thorough research, thus creating value for all kinds of investors. SMT is a forward-looking team of entrepreneurs.
The team is headed by qualified Team Members and Analyst in Finance sector, who have rich experience in varied fields from Corporate Working to Financial market & Trading. We understand the Business and its future outlook, not only by the Technical Analysis and hours of Chart Reading, but also undergo thorough analysis of Balance Sheet and other important inputs which indicates overall health of a company.


Stock Market Today SMT is run by a highly educated and qualified team in finance sector. The team is headed by qualified Team Members and Analyst, who have rich experience in varied fields from Commerce, Corporate to Finance and Trading. We understand Financial education importance and its future outlook, not only by the Technical Analysis and hours of Chart Reading, but also undergo thorough analysis of Balance Sheet.
More about our Team- V.L.A. Ambala, has been in the skin and bones of the stock market in the last 10+ years. Knowledge sharing with people is her passion and helping others to get etiquette understanding about market before invest or trading their money in stock Market is her Aim.
Mrs. Ambala, a SEBI Researched Analyst and mindset coach has magnificently journeyed from a Commerce and Finance background which added more value in her stock markets profession. She has secured 1st Grade Masters in. Commerce (M.Com) & MBA (Fin & IB) both & Mr. Ashish MBA (Fin.) education with vast and realistic  understanding on how human psychology works in Trading. In 2010 she has got a chance to work insurance sector and gradually moved to Stock Market in 2013.

They are on a mission to make at least 1000K people aware of the stock market and help them to make money from it in a safest way with help of proper Risk management skill, building Strong Trading psychology and of course by sharing highly accurate trade setup.

They own a YouTube Channel where they teach about Everything about Stock market & Trading Business-  Check Here (

a » hindu metroAs they are SEBI Registered, so, they also manage a Telegram Channel where they Provide (Nifty & Banknifty and Stocks) Trading Signals & Stock recommendation based on Price actions and Technical –



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b » hindu metroIn the last 9 years, they have invested lots of time and money in deep learning about stock market trading and investing and sharing it with all free of cost you YouTube.

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Our Vision – Our Motto Is to share deep, realistic and practical working Knowledge About Share Market with all small Investor And retail Traders.  We provide best support to our members with our best techniques, trading strategies fundamental knowledge bout each and every trade setup that we use. Our Ultimate objective is, always try to keep all clients happy.

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