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Kapil Sibal account has been hacked !

Sources have told that Kapil sibbal account has been hacked but maybe there is a conspiracy behind it. Kapil Sibal (born on 8 August 1948) is an Indian lawmaker having a place with the Indian National Congress party. A legal counsellor, he some time ago served in charge of different services in the Congress-drove UPA government throughout the long term – starting with the Ministry of Science and Technology, then, at that point, the Ministry of Human Resource Development followed by the Ministry of Communications and IT, and the Ministry of Law and Justice.

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According to the news, Kapil sibbal account has been hacked and the hackers have changed the username of his account and named it  “DERMALYANA” instead of his name. Dermalyana is a 100% West Australian owned and operated company with a Global vision. they are dedicated to delivering skincare confidence to our customers. Inspired by the owner’s personal challenges in maintaining healthy skin, Rogers Healthcare and the Dermalyana range are designed with your needs in mind. dermalyana’s founder, Lien Thi Rogers, suffered from melasma for several years. She lost her confidence, stopped looking after herself and started to gain a lot of weight. It wasn’t until she was trying on clothes at a store and seeing none of them fit her, that she looked in the mirror and finally decided to make a change in her life. This marked the start of her health and skincare journey.

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As per the latest reports maybe Kapil Sibal is being a promoter to the company and maybe he has owned the company or else his account has been hacked. sources have told that Kapil’s account name has been changed, his account profile has not been changed yet but the posts from his account are all related to the beauty brand Dermalyana and the user might be uploading all the posts and content related to the brand only in future.

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two weeks back; In the midst of the furious debate set off by Bollywood entertainer Kangana Ranaut’s remark that India got a genuine opportunity in 2014, senior Congress pioneer Kapil Sibal in a snide tweet depicted Kangana’s ‘free India’ from 2014 which accepted “misuse, destroy our social texture, partition networks, spread phoney news, let free examination offices, record bogus cases”. “This is Kangana’s ‘Free India,” the Congress chief tweeted.


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