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‘Our Super Beauticians’- an initiative by O3+ to empower beauticians

O3+ takes a bow to honor their beauticians and home salon runners under the initiative ‘Our Super Beauticians’, a movement towards empowering beauticians & expressing gratitude towards their contribution in making O3+ India’s No. 1 Skincare brand.

Under this initiative, O3+ works closely to uplift the educational background of these beauticians with in-depth product knowledge, and dermal skin care knowledge enabling them to customize skin treatments unique to different skin types with a motto “Your skin, your formula”. With this they aim at avoiding “blind facials” where the client doesn’t know much about the fails applied to him/her. O3+ patent face geometry training will enable beauticians to analyse the skin in depth that focuses upon epidermal texture layering and providing solutions as per the different skin types to their clients.

According to Mr. Vineet Kapur, Founder and MD, O3+,”We have always believed in providing the highest ROI to the salon & beauticians with maximum profitability. We would be launching an Innovative face geometry prescription service for our valued customers to benefit them with customized skincare solutions powered by chronological facials that suit the skin’s complex ecosystem”.

A legacy brand with over 30 years of R&D in different skin concerns, O3+ has envisioned in providing solutions rather being just a beauty and personal care brand. Their biomedical heritage drives their commitment to rigorous standards. The brand has invested significant time and resources toward extensive testing and today they are proudly one of the few skincare brands that validate 100% of their finished formulas in independent clinical testing, and share results with transparency.


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