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Risham is reviving the ancient bead-weaving technique through fashion jewellery.

Bead weaving, an age-old technique used primarily to make dolls and vases, is finding a new avatar.

Risham, the Bangalore-based, hand-crafted contemporary jewellery line enhancing self-expression among Indian women. Srutiza Mohanty, the founder of Risham, took it upon herself to revive the age-old bead weaving that expert artisans have carefully preserved for thousands of years. She has now carefully transitioned the entire technique into costume jewellery by adding her creative twist.

The complex, unique and captivating patterns created through this art form caught the fancy of Srutiza when she had a flourishing career as a software engineer. Her passion for unique hand-made and ancient art-inspired jewellery reflects in every piece of jewellery.

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Speaking about this, Srutiza Mohanty, Founder of Risham Jewellery, said, “The moment I first looked at this ancient art, I knew I had to revive it and make it contemporary in a way that every woman would want to add it to her wardrobe. Initially, I made 2-3 pieces a month, but the humongous reception to my designs made me contemplate a full-fledged business. When my daughter was born, I decided to quit the corporate job and follow my passion. By reviving the bead-weaving art in the form of contemporary jewellery, I am not only bringing about a refreshing new option for women but focusing on reviving a precious yet endangered art form that has been carried over from one generation to another for thousands of years.”

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The impeccable Risham jewellery pieces not only add an unmatched style and class to a woman’s appearance but are also serving as a link with the ancient roots, culture, and heritage of India. The colorful pieces serve as a perfect icebreaker topic for modern women in personal and professional circles. Each piece is made exclusively with hands, and it takes around 3 days to create each piece. The team at Risham is all women, who are empowered to work at their own pace. They provide flexi working options along with regular training in this craft to come with innovative ideas and designs regularly.

Risham sells its creations through its website and social media channels. Risham envisages making the jewellery pieces available on mainstream e-commerce platforms and in designer jewellery outlets in the times to come.

About Risham

Working with an exclusive and closely knit team of craftswomen, Srutiza has changed the perception of beads as a jewellery item. The unique, colourful, and nature-inspired designs appear irresistible to fashion-savvy women. Classic, timeless, and durable, the Risham jewellery pieces are ideal heirlooms that can be cherished and worn for an entire lifetime and passed on to the next generation, just like they used to be in ancient times. Risham has been a bootstrapped venture so far. Still, now Srutiza Mohanty is leading it to aggressively expand into the physical fashion jewellery retail space and is contemplating VC funding from investors who share her vision and passion to support original art forms and improve the lives of craftswomen across India.

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