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Salman Khan to help to overcome ‘vaccine hesitancy in Muslim-dominated areas.

The Maharashtra government is planning to seek Salman khan’s help to encourage the Muslim community to take Covid-19 vaccine shots. Maharashtra’s health minister Rajesh tope hinted at the move while mentioning that many people in the Muslim-dominated areas are hesitant towards taking the covid-19 vaccine doses.

“There is still some dominancy in Muslim-dominated areas. we have decided to use Salman khan and religious leaders to convince the Muslim community to take the vaccine,” Rajesh tope was quoted by a news agency PTI as saying.

He emphasized that religious leaders and film actors wield great influence on people, nothing that in some areas the pace of vaccination is low. Echoing the same, Mumbai mayor Kishori pednekar said,” whenever vaccination happened, there were religious apprehensions in Muslims, which delayed it slightly. hoping that they should take jabs and actors like Salman khan should encourage them.



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