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Story of Smita & John Gonsalves – Franchise Partners at Talent Corner

Every story has its own unique beginning so does ours!

A journey that started with the guidance and support of Mr. Rashesh Doshi, Managing Director at Talent Corner & Its unique Recruitment Business Franchise Opportunity.
In Conversation with Smita – When My Husband Mr. John Gonsalves and I were planning to get into the recruitment business, I used to be working in the Corporate sector with companies in the Logistics and Telecom industry. After retiring from a career spanning 35 years of experience in Automation, IT, and Fintech, John decided to join me for this business. Having vast experience in mentoring individuals and teams during our career and ensuring wins for employers and employees gave us the boost to get into recruitment. The reason for aligning with a Recruitment Company is a realization of the importance of having the right person in the right seat for any organizational success. So while we were having our hands right in the mud soil for harvesting what could be more appropriate than finding the right partner. Talent Corner gave us a boost for our imagination and with the help of Mr. Rashesh Doshi, we accomplished our targeted goal. In Conversation with Smita & John Gonsalves- “We were looking for a partner and we went through
Several Company Profiles before narrowing down to Talent Corner & Its Recruitment Franchise Opportunity. After having several meetings with Mr. Rashesh Doshi we found our business objectives are in line with their vision and mission. Absolute compatibility to our objectives and vision of being a value addition to corporate in getting the right fit for the current vacancies.



Our motto was what made us realize that if our skills set and passion for employment could further be applied it would save a lot of time & money for all. We made our objective very clear from the beginning, we decided that we will be an asset for our Clients and Partner. Align our business practices in line with their expectations and objectives – Thus providing excellent service. The journey with Talent Corner has been a continuous learning project for us. It has taught us to be more flexible and think more like entrepreneurs”.

When Asked about the Impact of Covid – We have created a strong relationship with our clients and thus we are able to get organic business even during the pandemic. During Pandemic when business was challenging – Talent corner went on to optimize the entire season for training and development. They had organized several online seminars with speakers of repute to discuss, debate, and suggest the trends in the current markets, the new normal way to go during the pandemic. Though most topics were
relevant to HR and the new normal, some topics also shared also touched upon the industry and new business segments that were emerging in India and their impact on recruitments in time to come. It was very encouraging and food for thought for all who attended to be able to understand the change that was happening and likely to be the new normal for all in the near future.



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