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Taliban is all set to announce the new government formation

As the Taliban is yet to announce the new government formation, the Taliban leaders have extended their invitations to 6 neighboring countries to souvenir the moment. The countries that are being invited to the moment are Pakistan, China, Iran, Qatar, Turkey, Russia.

According to the reports china, Russia, Iran, Qatar, Pakistan, and turkey attend the inaugural ceremony, paving the way into foreign policy formulation for a nation that is yet again brought to a nascent stage.

Only Pakistan, UAE, and Saudi Arabia were the only three nations to have recognized the Taliban regime of the 1990s, complete isolation of this new regime is unlikely.

China and Pakistan are the only two countries that have maintained their diplomatic missions in Kabul since the Taliban captured the country. all other nations have evacuated their officials and shut down missions temporarily. most nations have adopted a wait and catch policy. the six countries above, including Saudi Arabia and UAE could be the first ones to recognize the regime. but even that will take time.

taliban 2 Hindumetro
Taliban is all set to announce the new government formation 2 Hindumetro

Most countries are comprehensive to recognize the new Taliban administration for lack of clarity on the latter’s part o what their policies will look like and how inclusive the government will be.



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