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Viral Fake Statement Over Industrilist Ratan Tata

Social media nowadays is so much exposed to fake news, not even a single person is deprived of it. The information that is being posted on social media is not always correct and true. It is always easy to fall prey to misinformation and fake news. Chairman Emeritus of Tata Sons Ratan Tata cautioned everyone against a viral post that has hit the social media platform of each viewer. The 83-year-old industrialist clarified that the statement on the sale of liquor using aadhar cards that have gone viral has been wrongly attributed to him.

“Liquor sale should be sold through Aadhar card. Government food subsidies should be stopped for alcohol buyers. those who have the facility to buy alcohol can definitely buy food. when we give them free food they buy alcohol,” this is the viral statement that is being circulated with a picture of ratan tata .

ratan tata took to Instagram and shared a screenshot of the viral post and wrote, “this was not shared by me. thankyou.



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