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Why Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp went down yesterday?

The social media users went into a deep shock across the globe when WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram servers went down on Monday evening. several users thronged to Twitter to reconfirm whether the issue was with their network or did the Facebook-owned apps really go down. it took over six hours for Facebook to resolve the issue that the company claimed arose due to the “faulty configuration change”. WhatsApp’s outage affected over 3.5 billion user’s across the globe.

the interesting thing about the Facebook outage was just how severe it was and how it not only made services like WhatsApp inaccessible but also made facebook.com disappear from the internet. it was as if the whole world of Facebook simply vanished.

this was one of the longest outages of Facebook and its services like WhatsApp faced. soon after the reports of Facebook going down spread on the internet like wildfire, the conspiracy theorist claimed that the outage has happened due to a massive hack. however, the chances of any possible hacks were ruled out by Facebook in its blog hours later. the blog noted that the cause of the global outage was a glitch in Reuters. Facebook has blamed the faulty configuration change behind the outage.



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