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Young child beats his father in WWE style, very funny video viral on internet

Young child beats his father in WWE style, wrestlers will also be surprised to see his actions. There are some people who have got used to capturing their children on camera. Some parents try to make kids videos round the clock and if they come on internet, kids videos other videos (Kid Viral Videos) go viral faster. In which the cute action of the children wins the hearts of the people. A young child infuses happiness and positive energy on social media. One such video again internet (Viral Video) But it is going viral in which a father is seen wrestling with his son in fun. A funny father-son fight is being shown as if they are doing a WWE fight.

The innocent video of this kid will win your heart.

Toddler hilariously shows off impressive wrestling moves on dad

Watch father-son video here

In the video you can see a father arguing with his child in a mock fight in WWE. Kid becomes Randy Orton and Dad becomes Big Show and jokes about fighting. Meanwhile the child first beats his father like Randy Orton and then the father falls to please the child and then the child knocks him down. and thus the child easily wins the match.

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