Crafto App bringing Postitivity and Energetic thoughts in life


Kutumb Image » hindu metroPositive thinking is a power, basis on which you can overcome any situation of life, but because of personal troubles, negative thoughts start floating inside human mind. Crafto App is a new and effective platform to get rid of negativity.

What is Crafto App?
It is the new application to share positive thoughts in India. Developed by Kutumb App team, Crafto is the best android app to share daily thoughts with your friends and loved ones. In a short span of time, crafto has become very popular among all, as it covers almost all kind of religious, spiritual, positive and inspirational thoughts. Through this app you can create an environment that makes life successful and beautiful.

Where to download?
Anyone can download this app from Google Playstore for FREE. According to Google Play, in a very short period, more than 226 thousand of people have already downloaded and installed this app.

Features of this App
Crafto is an app for you to explore many designs for your daily status with your photo. App provides you thoughts on various categories like – Good Morning, Good Evening, Positive thoughts, Religious and spiritual quotes, Shiv and Krishna quotes and also Day specific events and festivals.

Crafto is developed by team ‘Kutumb’ – Indian largest community platform. Founders of this app are Abhishek Kejriwal, from IIT Mumbai and Vipul Allahawadi, from IIT Kharagpur. The company who developed Crafto app is ‘Primetrace Technologies’. The objective of Crafto is to inspire people to live a healthy and positive life.