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About Whiz Kid Dhruv Dhakad: Budding Author, Enthusiast, Avid Book Reader, Likes Horse Riding and Squash

Master Dhruv Dhakad  is a young writer of 12 years of age who wants to live in a world where Fiction and Fantasies Co-Exist. He is currently in Grade 8 in The Shishukunj International School Indore. He has already published two books and second book has become No 1 best seller in Amazon in Free and Paid Category.


His two books are as under:

  1. Journey Through My Dreams (Published in 2021)
  2. The Caspian that flies (Published in May 2022)

As an Author, he’s been applauded for writing Fiction stories. At Short age he is said to be Dreamer in his School since he always has the knack to write stories on Fiction and Adventure. He wants to travel world to create experience to enhance his books. His first book is also read be his inspiration Sudha Murty Mam and Ratan Tata sir. He has also applauded by Mr Narendra Dhakad Sir EX-Vice Chancellor of DAVV Indore, Hon. Member of Parliamentr Indore Shankar Lalwani ji, Author Akash Gupta and Various Educationist for his writing skills.

When he’s not writing and studying School Books, he loves to Swim,play squash, do horse riding. He is fond of reading books ,cubing, watching television and talking with his friends. He has solved cubes till 7X7, Mega Mix, Skewb and various others.


He is a regular rank holder in Olympiads. The various Ranks in Olympiad are as under:


  1. International Rank 1 in IEO in 21-22 currently with perfect score of 60/60.
  2. Zonal Rank 20 with Medal of Distinction + Certificate of Distinction
  3. Zonal Rank 8 in IEO in 20-21 and Received Medal of Distinction
  4. Zonal Rank 5 in NCO in 19-20
  5. Gold Medal in Class 1 in 2016-17 in IEO


Other than Olympiad his other achievements are as under:


  1. Qualified in Asset Talent Search
  2. Has been selected in Top 20 budding author in Scholastic Write India Programme


Review of  “The Caspian That Flies”


The Caspian That Flies is an action fantasy book. The story begins with the casual lifestyle then slowly takes its grip over the fictional fantasy plot that is too fascinating to read .


A must – read for everyone who loves to travel through their imaginations , aka , readers . The story here is crafted so well and perfect. The author has included topics about parenting , generation gap and making right decisions along the way keeping readers aware. The author has done an incredible job with this book ; from the characters to the storyline , plot , writing language and the narration is fast – paced and not dragging at all.


I would say this book has it’s own vibe that will influence the readers in such a way that we would keep saying ‘ Just One more chapter ‘ until we reach the end . This would be an ideal book for children too . There was nothing to dislike in this book . In simple words , the flawless writing with captivating plot.


This book will take you from the reality of life to some other imaginary world . Escape from reality will be the better term for this book . “Franklin is the main character of this book who comes to know about his new identity and to save his people which he does not have any idea before but that is the thrilling part of the story . A press journalist to his new identity , Franklin found himself far from his real – life as soon as he knows his real identity . This identity and realization take him to fight evil . That is the good lesson or moral of this book . End of the day we have to find out who is gonna win the good people or the bad ones . Hero will remain a hero or he will become the villain himself . The defeat of evil by a human is it even possible ? To know more read this book ** Must Read book *

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