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Agniveers will make a Solid Talent pool for IT and Software Sector to Hire, says Naren Lokwani of Frshr Technologies

Bengaluru, 20th June 2022: Naren Lokwani, CEO of Bengaluru based Software firm, Frshr Technologies, said “Agniveers”, graduate from Military’s “Agnipath” program will make a solid talent pool for IT and Software companies to hire and recruit.

Speaking to Reporters on sideline of an Startup event, Naren Lokwani said, ”Hiring sound technology experts is a increasingly difficult task in today’s competitive IT and Software Industry. Innvoative government programs like “Agnipath” will create a large pool of tech trained, disciplined and eager for success youngsters, which will be a great pool for IT and Software companies to dive in and hire their talent pool.”

“IT Sector growing at double the pace of GDP is finding it difficult to hire fresh professionals amidst large inflow of VC investments and Angel funds. Agnipath program will make it easy for companies like Frshr Technologies to hire candidate who understand Defence domain, Technology ecosystem and application of latest technologies like AI and Machine Learning to country’s forward sectors.

Lot of complex tech programs in software will benefit from hiring Agniveers and by providing them a bridge of 3-6 months of Software training, companies will benefit from their 4 year service in the Military. This will help the growth of the country, reduce unemployment and generate more profits for IT sector as well as create great software products in Defence sector.”

Frshr Technologies, winner of DRDO’s Dare to Dream 2.0 contest, is a specialist in AI, Machine Learning, Blockchain and Mobile Technologies.


Naren Lokwani, CEO of Frshr Technologies said, “In addition to Software and Tech, Agnipath program can also provide a boost to Private Security Industry. With increase in growth of business and economic activity, there is huge demand for private security personnel, personnel security experts, and Agniveers will be the right fit for these roles in corporate security and premium residential sector.

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Frshr Technologies pledges to hire 25% of their annual fresher talent hiring from the Agnipath graduate pool and we look forward to a successful launch of this defence program. We congratulate Govt of India and Defence Ministry for this ambitious program and wish them success in their nation building endeavours.”


About Frshr Technologies: Frshr Technologies ( designs and develops Software Products based on AI, ML and Mobile Technologies for hi-tech sector. Frshr Technologies is also a “Startup for Startups” and provides Software Product Development, AI and ML, Mobile App Development, and Web App Development services for other startups and companies in India and across the globe.


About Naren Lokwani: CEO of Frshr Technologies, Mr. Naren Lokwani is a veteran executive in Software and IT sector. He has launched several product startups, raised VC funds and managed profitable exits for his companies. At Frshr Technologies, Mr Naren Lokwani has built a team of 60+ software engineers who build innovative software products and provide Software Product Engineering Services to companies in India and across the globe.


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