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Ayesha Shaik successfully hosts Super Talented International Kids Virtual Awards 2022 – Season 1 to honor Talented Children globally

‘Super Talented International Kids Virtual Awards 2022- Season 1’sponsored by Ayesha Shaik Edtech Services and co-powered by Nirgia Brand Promoters and Indian Woman Awards, was held successfully on May 28, 2022. It was an INCLUSIVE event wherein more than 30+ Special Needs children participated. The award show was organized to encourage the vivid talent in kids and especially those who belong to less-privileged backgrounds. All the kids performed very well in dancing, singing, acting, speaking, boxing, and many more categories. The event had many known personalities like Ayesha Shaik, Founder of Ayesha Shaik EdTech Services, Reema Mahajan, Founder of Indian Women in Dubai, who was the Guest of Honor. While the Co-partners, Harpreet Kaur, Founder of Nirgia Brand Promoters & IWA, and Amandeep Singh, Co-Founder of Nirgia Brand Promoters, graced the event with their presence.

The whole event was well planned and systematically executed. The host for the evening, Mahima Kalra started the event with a warm welcome, followed by the speech by Founder Ayesha Shaik and Guest of Honour, Reema Mahajan. The two special speakers Dr. K. Prisha, the first youngest Yoga Teacher for the Blind and Shanaya Singh, World’s Youngest Story Teller & Author, conducted a session. For all the participants, a mindfulness session was conducted by Dr. Saumya Sharan, Clinical Psychologist at MindOn.

Talking about the event’s success, Ayesha Shaik, the founder-director of Ayesha Shaik Edtech Services, said, “I am happy to share that finally, the virtual award show was a great success; this was not possible without my team’s efforts. I was delighted to see so much of talent in the kids and how ambitious they are towards their passion. Looking at the super energetic and excited children, I was delighted that I had organized such an event. In the future, I envision promoting talent like this and organizing events in a physical mode so that children get a chance to interact with each other. This would also build confidence in them in the coming years. I would like to thank all the guests and audience present in the virtual award show who made it a huge success. She further expressed her special gratitude to the Jury team, Harpreet Kaur- Founder of Nirgia Brand Promoters and Indian Woman Awards and also to Amandeep Singh – Co Founder of Nirgia Brand Promoters. She mentioned that they were the pillars of this event who selfessly came forward to take this event to a whole new level.”

This event had many National and International partners on board. Indian Women In Dubai- Social Media Partner, Sona Ke Saath Dubai Life- Social Media Partner, MS Education Consultants- EdTech Partner, Dr. Munmun Dutta- Oral Health Advisor, IndRa Nature’s Bliss- Partner Associate, Edpark- EdTech Partner, Unique World Robotics- EdTech Partner, Education Sensations- Edtech Partner, Swarajya Sankrutik Seva Mandal- NGO Partner, MS Nagda Talks- Youtube Partner, Skillopaedia- Social Media Partner, Edusight- EdTech Partner, 6DOF Solutions Private Limited- EdTech Partner, Nirgia Brand Promoters- Branding and Co Partner, Dr. Supriya Chauhan- Associate Partner, MindOn- Mindfulness Partner, Tanuwellness- Health and Fitness Coach, HSK School of Music & Performing Arts- EdTech Partner, Nalini Nizu- Social Media Partner, LBS Group of Educational Institutions- EdTech Partner, Dr. Eva Pradhan- Kids Oral Health Advisor, Shikha Aggarwal- Social Media Partner, Divine By DiaZzz- Partner Associate, Edxify- Knowledge Partner, Karyashala Foundation- NGO Partner, Abacus Academy By Urwashi- EdTech Partner.

It was one of the educator’s many attempts to promote and uplift youngsters and support their dreams through the Super Talented International Kids Virtual Awards. Among all the participants, five children won the Special Needs Award, and those five are: Special Needs Awardee Names Category Awarded
1 Urvi Rathi Dancer
5 Vinayak Raj Artist

While other young talented children who bagged the awards are as follows: Awardee Names Category Awarded
1 Anvi Vijay Zanzarukia Artistic Yoga
2 R Oviya Dancer
3 S. Lishitha Artist
4 Vedant Pinakapani Artist
5 Ayansh Komal Khandelwal Academic Expert
6 Jaashritha Sai Prasath Musician
7 Palikila Moksheeth Social Work
8 Saatvik Bhatia Scientist
9 Aara Dineshkumar Singer
10 Palikila Dev Boxer
11 Ayontika Chakrabarty Dancer
12 A.P.Jananihaa Speaker
13 Sharvi Pathak Actor/ Actress
14 Nandini Avula Singer
15 Atharv Panchal Child Artist/ Kid’s Model
16 Gargi Kedar Shinde Yoga
17 Delisha Bajaj Dancer
18 Navya Jha Actor/ Actress
19 Rajnandini Mahata Scientist
20 Somika Dey Dancer
21 Tejaswi Rajkumar Morge Dancer
22 Ridhishri Metla Actor/ Actress
23 Arshia Poddar Dancer
24 Barenyam A.Barpanda Curious Learner
25 Jaspreet Kaur Actor/ Actress
26 Anvi Garg Academic Expert
27 Insiyah Sanchawala Artist
28 Saramnaa Shree.R.D Silambam
29 Aarohi Chandrakant Patil Dancer
30 BODEPUDI MOUNIKA SRI Extraordinary Memory Talent
31 BODEPUDI VEEKSHITHA Extraordinary Memory Girl
32 Jafir Ahmed Sultan Curious learner
33 VS Venbha Dancer
34 Arsheen Aayat Speaker
35 Vaishnavi Singh Artist
36 Kanika Keyur Bhagatia Solving Cube with Skating
37 Parab Rohit Dhoka Artist
38 Tiluck Keisam Athlete
39 Shanvi Sharma Dancer
40 Sourav A.S GK Talent
41 Manha Nowshard News Presenter
42 Mir Sibghat Ulla Hussain Entrepreneur
43 Addanki Niranthak Krishna Curious learner
44 Aaryahi Sasmit Ingle Puzzle Master
45 Dr Prathiksha Reddy Dancer
46 Hasan Al Mubashwir ICT Expert
47 Sharvesh. V Athlete
48 Maimuna Nur Rayna Tara Actor/ Actress
49 Alishba Saeed Influencer
50 Parinita Sharma Actor/ Actress
51 Sharanya Bihani Poet
52 Priyanka Umashangar Athlete
53 Master Divam Rakhecha Dancer
54 Srinidhi V Musician
55 Arundhati Roktima Speaker
56 Pranshu Vimal Godhani Game Developer
57 Keshana Krishnathasan Singer
58 Aryaman Patil Dancer
59 Arisha Ariba Singer
60 Pranav Srivastava Cricket
61 Dulen Sandinu Fernando Musician
62 Aaradhy Sharma Actor
63 Anhad Prakash Musician
64 Hazel Mary Gijo Modeling
66 Samayra Hossain Muskaan Artist
67 Abhivaadan Upadhyay Mathematician
68 Sanskriti Environment Expert
69 Namanraaz Baghla Musician
71 A.Ayub khan Multi talented kid
72 Prisha Ayush Papriwal Academic expert
73 Pratyush Priyank Agrekar Instrument tabla
76 Jinisha Rajamahendram Dancer
77 Dr. BINU HP Multi talented
79 Swarnikka Umashangar Swimmer
80 Ridanya Mahesh Kumar Social Activist
81 Aarunya Mahesh Kumar Social Activist
82 VIKASHNI N.V Fancy dress
83 Gursanj Singh Academic expert
84 Pearl Chopra Speaker
85 Parth Parashar Artist
86 Sidhaant Maniyara Rubik’s Cube Master
87 Vedika Maniyara Singer
88 Vasvi Goyal Tay Influencer
89 Naaziya Nazar.s GK
90 Ananya Prasad Gymnast
91 Aarush Bhargava Chef
92 Kanak Dancer
93 Vedant Daswani Singer
94 Master ayaan madan Singer
95 KRITHIK TANGIRALA Curious learner
96 Kashish Daswani Singer
97 Tanishka Mangal Artist
98 Arjun Binish Arts
99 KRISHNA VATNANI Mathematician
100 Savgun Kaur Curious learner
101 Jasdeep kaur lotey Calligrapher
102 Harshveer Kaur Dancer
103 Yashpreet Singh Youtuber
104 Jasleen Kaur Lotey Artist
105 Mohita Rathore Dancer


With the whole team’s efforts, Super Talented International Kids Virtual Awards garnered lot of appreciation. While parents of awardees were proud to see their kids getting recognized among so many people, the whole event created a lasting impact on many children who were not able to take part and in future such kind of award show will be a great platform for children across the globe.

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