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Badly trapped thief trying to steal mobile from moving train window

Mobile Snatching from Running Train

In Bihar, a thief came to life while trying to steal a mobile from the window of a moving train. As soon as this thief tried to snatch a passenger’s mobile by putting his hand in the window, the passenger grabbed his hand.

A thief was caught trying to steal the mobile of passengers from the window of a moving train. In the midst of trying to snatch the mobile, the passengers caught the thief. During this, the life of the thief hanging from the window of the train was stuck for about 15 kilometers. The video of this entire incident is going viral on social media. In the viral video, the thief is seen appealing to the passengers not to leave their hands.

Meanwhile the train left. Now two passengers were holding both the hands of the thief. In such a situation, the middle train came out of the station and the thief hanged from the window. For about 15 km, the passengers kept him hanging like this. Meanwhile, the thief kept pleading to leave his hand in the beginning from the moving train. But when the train picked up speed, he kept pleading in the local language to the people that do not leave your hands, brother, otherwise I will die.

The thief was kept hanging like this from Sahebpur Kamal station of Begusarai to Khagaria. On reaching Khagaria, the passengers handed over the thief to the GRP. During the interrogation of GRP, the thief revealed his name as Pankaj Kumar. He is a resident of Sahebpur Kamal police station area of ​​Begusarai. A case has been registered against the thief and he has been sent to jail.

This attempt to snatch the mobile from the moving train took place in the MEMU train. Passengers said that as soon as he proceeded from the Sahebpur Kamal station in Begusarai, he tried to snatch the mobile by putting his hand in the window of the train at the end of the platform. Then a passenger grabbed his hand.

Then to help him, the nearby passengers held both his hands. After which he reached Khagaria 15 km away hanging like this. During this, some passengers made a video of it. Which has gone viral now.

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