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Censor Board refuses to certify ’72 Hooren’ trailer, makers release it digitally

The film 72 Huron, based on the dark truth of terrorism, remains in the news with the teaser. A few days ago the trailer release of the film was announced that it is coming on 28th June. However, the Central Board of Film Certification has refused to certify the trailer of 72 Hoorain. Still, the makers did not back down and released the trailer digitally on Wednesday.

Censor Board decision surprised

The most interesting thing in this whole matter regarding 72 Hooren is that the Central Board of Film Certification has passed the film. Along with this, the film was allowed to be screened in theatres. At the same time, when it came to the trailer, the censor board refused to give the certificate, calling it objectionable.

CBFC guidelines

This decision of the Censor Board has taken the film world by surprise, after which a debate has started about creative freedom and censorship. Before passing any film, the Central Board of Film Certification ensures that the film does not hurt the sentiments of the audience. The Censor Board has set some guidelines and guidelines for this, which every film has to follow. This attitude of the Censor Board regarding 72 Hooren has taken everyone by surprise, because what is in the film is also in the trailer.

Makers of 72 Huron got angry

The makers of 72 Hoorain are angry over this decision of the Central Board of Film Certification. According to the news of the news agency ANI, he has talked about taking this whole matter to the higher authorities. He also said that he will take the matter to the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting and request the higher officials of CBFC to inquire.

When will the film be released?

72 Hooren is directed by National Award winning filmmaker Sanjay Puran Singh Chauhan. Whereas, the production is jointly done by Gulab Singh Tanwar, Kiran Dagar, Anirudh Tanwar and Ashok Pandit. Pawan Malhotra and Aamir Bashir are playing lead roles in the film. 72 Hooren will be released in theaters on July 7.

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