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Chaudhary Kavar Singh Tanwar hosts Mass Marriage Ceremony of 151 Girls in Amroha

It was rarely seen when it’s a mass marriage ceremony, the organizers themselves have printed three hundred invitation cards to the bride and groom, so that they can invite their friends and relatives, in this mass marriage ceremony. The mass marriage ceremony of 151 girls is organized by the outgoing MP & social worker Chaudhary Kavar Singh Tanwar of Amroha. He warmly welcomed thousands of guests in the ceremony. On this auspicious occasion, many village heads of this Lok Sabha constituency, and hundreds of BJP workers were already present at the venue to welcome the processions.

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In the ceremony, Kamala’s mother Shanti, who became a bride, gave her blessings and heartfelt blessings to Tanwar ji and said that we had never even dreamed that Tanwar ji would help Kamala to set up her new family, TV , beds, quilts, steel almirahs, washing machines along with all the kitchen items and many more were given as gifts.

Chaudhary Kavar Singh Tanwar said “Amroha Lok Sabha is my own family, I am with this family in every happiness and sorrow and will always stand by, i will continue to serve Amroha Lok Sabha constituency as long as i’m alive! we are available for the people of Amroha area round the clock 24×7, me and my son are also present in your service every moment”.

A senior BJP worker Danish Malik said “Kavar Singh Tanwar ji has lightened the burden of parents of more than 151 girls here, fathers of all these girls are poor farmers who have very little land! Our household expenses are very difficult to meet, MP Chaudhary Kavar Singh Tanwar ji has got all of them married on his own at such a grand level that every person of Amroha Citizen is now proud of Tanwar ji”

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