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Defence Minister Rajnath Singh lauded the efforts of “Tiranga Mountain Rescue” team

Union Defence Minister  Rajnath Singh recently congratulated the team of “Tiranga Mountain Rescue” for their commendable work during his meeting with the team in the National Capital. Praising the team of TMR, Rajnath Singh said “The location at which the TMR team was stationed has witnessed zero casualties to avalanches. Earlier, there used to be a minimum of 20-25 sad casualties to avalanches. The TMR team has done a tremendous job.”


The TMR team has delivered the unprecedented as they visit over 140 posts across the country every winter, training thousands of soldiers, with the goal of creating a team that supports the Indian Army on a long-term basis with expert and specialised training, and a robust rescue support system.


The TMR has positioned a total of six teams in collaboration with the Indian Army in several avalanche-prone border areas. They have positioned three teams in Kashmir, two in Ladakh and one in Sikkim. Since 2016, the Tiranga Mountain Rescue (TMR) team has trained about 20,000 defense forces personnel and under the able guidance of Col. Satish Sharma (retd.), the team of mountaineers have undertaken numerous mitigation and rescue missions.


The Tiranga Mountain Rescue (TMR) incepted by Hemant Sachdev includes teams of top-notch world class mountaineers; both ex-servicemen and civilians who have an expertise in tremendous mountaineering and trekking experiences. During November 2018, the teams of TMR arrived in Srinagar and interacted with the Chinar Corps Commander Lt Gen AK Bhatt, who reiterated the resolve to save Soldiers’ lives by all available means. Between 2016 to 2018, they have provided rescue services alongside advanced training for cover, route analysis, rescue, and other missions in the highest, dangerous, and avalanche-prone areas of the mountains.


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