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Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham said on the allegations – people didn’t leave God

Acharya Dhirendra Shastri, known as Bageshwar Dham Sarkar, has presented a clarification on the allegations against him. In a conversation with Hindumetro News, Dhirendra Shastri said, ‘I am not afraid of anyone.’ He also said that people raised questions even on God.

Accusing Dhirendra Shastri of spreading superstition, an organization in Maharashtra had challenged him to come on its stage in Nagpur and show his miracles. If you can’t do this, then be ready to face the lawsuit. Dhirendra Shastri did not reach there on this challenge and returned. On this it was said that Dhirendra Shastri ran away out of fear. People are writing a lot on social media in support and against Dhirendra Shastri.

‘People have not left God’

Talking specially to Hindumetro News about the whole controversy, Dhirendra Shastri said, ‘People have not left Lord Ram since time immemorial. This country India is that country, where proof was asked from Lord Ram for his existence. Proof was sought for Ayodhya. Lord Krishna was not spared, he was called Tantrik and miraculous, so we are sure that we are common people, when will he spare us.

Understand the whole matter

Dhirendra Shastri of Bageshwar Dham, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh is a storyteller. He claims that he knows the mind. The videos of his story go viral, in which he is seen doing this. When the fame increased, Dhirendra Shastri started getting calls from different states of the country for the story. In one such story, he had gone to Nagpur. This story was to continue till January 13, but Shastri returned on January 11 itself.

30 lakh challenge

The committee also gave a challenge of 30 lakhs that Dhirendra Shastri should come and show the miracles he claims in his divine court on his stage. If he does so, he will be given 30 lakh rupees but Shastri did not accept the challenge. Rather, as mentioned above, he returned after finishing the story two days earlier. On this, a section on Dhirendra Shastri Manch started claiming on social media that he ran away in fear.

Although many people are also writing in his support. By the way, the latest update is that a day before, Dhirendra Shastri has said that he has accepted the challenge.

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