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Digifinite Solutions Pvt Ltd creating wonders in Tech Industry

Digifinite Solutions Pvt Ltd creating wonders in Tech Industry

HinduMetro/New Delhi: A company is established on values, goals, visions, and its people. The purpose, the Memorandum, and all the legal requisites lie secondary when we see its existence in the long run.

It’s said, a great company is built upon the intelligence and hard work of its people. The momentum of the economy is constantly in motion, which needs attention every day. Here comes the utmost task of channelizing the right energy in the right direction. Digifinite Solutions, under the able leadership of the Director’s, Dr.Khizer Ahmed&Dr. Prabhakaran. N has been in this tech industry for the past seven years and has seen nothing but growth and success. It was never a one man’s vision to bring this establishment to where it is, the perseverance of the employees and members was the key to making this organization one of the leading software development and digital marketing firms in the country.

So, what are Digifinite Solutions? what is the core idea behind it? and how is it where is it? Indeed, there would be innumerable questions, but let’s try to see them one by one.

With 94 members all across India and abroad, Digifinite Solutions is a trusted software development firm, that applies its vast industry knowledge and domain expertise to build mobile applications for leading companies in financial services, healthcare, travel & hospitality, and several other industries.

So how is the firm different from any other software company in India? The division of a larger technology providing related services such as Web Designing, Web Development, Software Development, Desktop Application Development, Mobile App Development, and Corporate Training is key to an efficient division of labor and better output.

It hasn’t been a one-day story, nor the output of a temporary effort. Constant push of trust and emphasis of growth culture has been a key contributor to grow the trust and build of the company. But one thing remained constant and shall remain the same with Digifinite Solutions, even after years to come. The employee strength of freshers, and their innovative ideas with a kiln to make mistakes and learn has boosted the strength of the company to reach where it is.

The core idea behind Digifinite Solutions, earlier known as Khizer Technologies, was to provide what society needs. A step into tech solutions, without actually putting them under piles of pressure. The digital transformation, at affordable rates and full-time backend support, is what a small and medium enterprise needs to grow, and this is what Digifinite aims to boost the economy, one application at a time.

Situated in Bangalore, Karnataka with its head office, the firm has its branches in Delhi, Kolkata, Bhopal, and Dubai. With around 77 projects in Hand and several coming upfronts, it can be said that success sees no stopping once you find your aim towards it!

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