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Doubling From 141 to 300 Crores: Appinventiv Breaks Records By Exceeding Its 100% Growth Rate Again

Appinventiv, a digital disruption company, has set a strong intention of crossing INR 300 Cr in FY ’24 revenues. This is not a hunch but a well-calculated step backed by a strong history of overachieving the previous targets. In FY ’20-21, while the other IT firms struggled to sustain themselves, Appinventiv maintained a positive growth trend. In FY’22, the company set a 100 Cr revenue goal but surpassed it by clocking INR 135 Crores.

According to its CEO, Saurabh Singh, the main reason behind this exponential revenue growth rate is the quick capture of the latest industry demands through the best resources and unmatched management of the co-founders Sudeep Srivastava, Prateek Saxena, Peeyush Singh, and Dileep Gupta and, at the forefront. The company had heavily focused on the R&D of the EV and AI sector. It strengthened its portfolio by accurately predicting the surging demands and experienced the early mover advantage through high project inflows.

Leveraging Early Moves In Artificial Intelligence, Even though the company has always stood on top of artificial intelligence development, it objectively forecasted the rising trend of generative AI, analyzed existing capabilities, and took swift action towards upskilling its AI development wing to meet the upcoming business needs.

“We have created a unique amalgamation of AI and cloud that not only eliminates security concerns but also unlocks true on-demand scalability for organizations of all sizes and industry domains,” said Sudeep Srivastava, Co-founder of Appinventiv.

This one step gave them the advantage of strategizing competitive pricing solutions and maintaining end-to-end development process transparency with hyper go-to-market timelines. Till now, Appinventiv has successfully delivered 23 AI-powered solutions, of which 11 leveraged the latest Generative AI capabilities.

Leading The EV Space, The EV industry is forecasted to grow at a rapid speed of 94.4% CAGR till 2030, and Appinventiv has already grabbed a substantial share of the surging demand by developing digital EV management infrastructures. According to internal sources, the company had given weightage to EV projects before they gained viral traction globally, which worked to their advantage. The on-time deliveries of ~97% of EV projects became a strong use case to showcase to the new prospects.

Overcoming Global Economic Uncertainties, During the COVID-19 pandemic, Appinventiv focused on boosting employee morale by handing out three increments to 700 employees in just 15 months. In FY’22, using its unique strategies led by a strong management vision, the company clocked nearly 135% revenue growth, becoming a steady player in overcoming economic uncertainties.

2X Revenue Roadmap For FY ’24, With the last quarter left, Appinventiv is determined to reach 300 Cr in revenues. While major IT players are downsizing to cut costs and sustain a profitable business flow, Appinventiv aims to achieve 100% revenue growth in 2024 by capturing a decent size of the AI, EV, Data Science, and Cloud markets. Additionally, consistent collaborations with India’s government bodies on multiple projects are substantially supporting the revenue stream. To strategize time-efficient routes and ensure maximum public welfare, Appinventiv has set aside a dedicated team to cater to high-priority government projects. Internal sources have revealed that the company is also planning to get listed publicly, but there is no official confirmation for the same.

About Appinventiv

Appinventiv is a digital transformation company boasting a team of 1500+ mobility engineers who follow a unified vision of scaling businesses through digital-first solutions. The team has delivered over 3000 successful projects since its inception in 2015. It has grown manifold in reputation as the leading innovation company for global business leaders like KPMG, Adidas, KFC, BodyShop and IKEA.

Over the last eight years, Appinventiv has built a strong global footprint by meeting custom business needs in Healthcare and Life Sciences, E-commerce, FinTech, EdTech, OTT, Telecom, Media, and FoodTech. The team also holds a strong history of reputed long-term digital campaign partnerships with various government entities in India, Qatar, and other Middle Eastern countries.

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