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DR.ASHISH GAJBHIYE Conferred the Honorary title of “VIP”by GMDI,Uganda and Appointed as Honorary Professor by the international open University of Humanity and Health Sciences at California.

Health Educator, Health trainer, Health Care Professional Prof.Dr.Ashish Gajbhiye was Conferred the Honorary Title of “VIP”in the field of Peace and Humanity by the Honourable President of Global Ministry and Disciplinary Institute, Uganda and also Conferred the Honorary Doctorate of Divinity for his Extraordinary work and Significant Contributions in the field of Peace, Humanity and Social Work. Dr.Ashish Gajbhiye is appointed as Honorary Professor of Hospital and Health Management by the Honourable president of the international open University Humanity Health Sciences and Peace, United States of America, California.Dr.Gajbhiye will be delivered the Special Lectures to the Post Graduate Students and Co-Guider for the Research Scholars of America For the period of 2022-2023 through Online. Dr.Ashish Gajbhiye is an Eminent Personality and Stalwart in the field of Education and Public Health. Dr.Ashish Gajbhiye was a Principal and He has been trained thousand of Students across the State of Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.He has worked with Several Multispeciality Hospitals as CEO and Chief Medical Administrator. Dr Ashish Gajbhiye was received following Awards for his Extraordinary Contributions to education.

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1) Certificate of Excellence by Harvard University, United States of America.

2)Global Educator of the Decade Award By Leadership in Education Academy and Development, Philippines.

3) Global Educator Award by The WAC Global book of records, India.

4) Commemorative Certificate by Kutai Mulvarman Kingdom, Indonesia.

5) Certificate of Excellence by Ministry of Higher education and Scientific Research ,The kingdom of New Atlantis.

6) Certificate of Excellence by Ministry of Education, The kingdom of New Atlantis.

7)Dr.Sarvepalli Radha Krishna Educator Award by WAC Global human rights foundation.

8) National Education Excellence Award by Navbharat Rashtriya Gyanpeeth,India.

9)Sikshan Samrat Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Rashtriya Gaurav Sanman by Ekta Foundation,Nagpur.

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