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Dr. M revamps the concept of spiritual awakening in a conversation with Adi Shankaracharya

Dr. M, a pioneer of the “Beyond 100” philosophy and a leading global thought leader, spoke with the current Shankaracharya to get the answers to your spiritual questions. Dr. M, the creator of the Global Citizen Forum and a prominent global business figure, traces Saint Sri Adi Shankaracharya’s journey across India and the background of the Sharda Peetham in Srinagar, Kashmir, during the event. Additionally, he discussed the effects of three essential parts of life—Advaita, God, and Punar Janam.


Although a spiritual awakening is frequently referred to as a journey, it is not always a voyage of physical travel or pilgrimage; instead, it is a process of expanding your horizons and moving forward in your evolutionary development. Few experiences in a person’s life can be as profound and changing as a spiritual awakening. A paradigm shift of the highest level occurs when you identify with and immediately experience your divinity. In keeping with this idea, Dr. M, a proponent of the “Beyond 100 ideology,” recently spoke with the reigning Shankaracharya to gain some understanding of the spiritual path.


Adi Shankaracharya developed the idea of the supreme soul and the soul’s existence. His philosophy focuses on the relationship between humans and God. Dr. M, a multibillionaire global wellness leader, promoted his vision, groundbreaking approach, and the principles the world needs to know at the Adi Shankaracharya private screening. During the event, Dr. M relates Saint Sri Adi Shankaracharya’s travels around India and his well-known perspectives on spiritual health. The conversation’s main topics revolve around fundamental ideas such as Advaita, God, and Punar Janam.


The yatra also aims to raise understanding of Advaita philosophy, which Adi Shankaracharya advanced. Dr. M will present roughly 150 seminars all over the world. The “Adi Yatra” itinerary was planned by the Modi Mandir and is now complete. The Gangotri, Yamunotri, Kedarnath, and Badrinath stops during the first leg of the yatra are now over. The second phase will also be held in South India.


Because of his unique methodology and approach, the global leader has successfully established himself as a pioneer in India’s wellness and healthcare sector. During their talk, Dr. M and the current Shankaracharya touched upon three significant spiritual issues: Punar Janam, Advaita, and God. In addition, Dr. M has won multiple awards for his work with international organizations like the UN and his efforts to go “beyond gender” and “beyond religion,” including recognition from the US Congress.


Talking about his understanding of spiritual awakening, Dr. M stated, “If we talk in simple words, then, there is a word in Sanskrit, avidya, which means ‘incorrect understanding.’ Due to this veil of ignorance, their actual essence is hidden, which also keeps you functioning at lesser levels of consciousness. One of the most potent forces in the cosmos leads the evolution of consciousness, creating a forward pull and momentum toward growth, transformation, and change. Spiritual enlightenment propels you out of the constricting gravity of ignorance and toward the ultimate goal of cosmic self-realization, much like a spaceship gaining escape velocity.


The corporate tycoon Dr. M is bringing about a change in the country with his groundbreaking ideas. He began a joint venture with the Italian computer manufacturer Olivetti because he comes from a well-known Indian business family. In addition, he collaborated with Uber to drive an electric car in Singapore to achieve his environmental sustainability objective. Spiritual health recognizes the need for a life of greater significance. A spiritually healthy person feels more connected to the supreme soul and those around them. Dr. M, a pioneer in global wellness, ensures that everyone has access to a divine power to live happy, contented lives.

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